The Owl's Nest

Hi, I'm Julie. I am the artist behind the all these fantastic creations. Like many people, in 2020 during the pandemic, I decided to try something new. I began dabbling in the world of resin. I soon found that my love for the craft was growing rapidly, and with every demold, I had to make another. It's been 3 years in March and I haven't stopped, I only got better!

So why name my business: The Owl's Nest?

Where I live in Dayton, our home backs right up to the woods. When we moved there back in 2019, our love for birds grew. Having our backyard bird feeders filled with so many species brings me and my family much joy throughout the year. Several years back, not long after we moved in, we heard the deep "hoot" from an owl. It was an obsession ever since.

I remember the first time we called in an Eastern Screech owl. I was able to hit the spotlight on him and when I saw him, I was so excited I cried tears of joy. Owls are such elusive creatures, how can you not admire their beauty and secretivness?

The jewelry and creations that I make have so much of my energy imposed within them, they truly become my children. I created this piece of art from nothing and made it something and that took time, effort, love, nuturing, choices, just like you would for a child you are raising to be an adult.

So from the nest, they fly, on to your ears or near your heart.

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